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Originally Posted by Aaron View Post
If one is charged and one is discharged, he can charge the one on the output faster that the input one goes down. Swap them and repeat and keep going and eventually, they're both back up to the top.

Well first let me say that I am grateful for this information
that Paul and others you mentioned have spent time on these
concepts. This encourages many of us who can not find any materials
whatsoever anywhere around the web such as YOUTUBE
experimenters might do.

The idea the Lithium batteries are very low impedance and this
can aid in the recovery process is something we all need to
remember. I remember John B saying that his huge batteries
were conditioned til they were 1 ohm.

So recovery is inhibited by internal resistance of batteries, this
makes me flashback to John K. statement that he likes a cap
dump to counteract this internal resistance. The high energy surges
both clean plate area and efficiently deliver energy on target.

So resistance of batteries is very important

I understand what you mean by stair stepping.

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