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Thanks for the kind comments.
It has been very frustrating to work on this alone and not being able to talk with others or comment on work by others. Now that the dust settles I see there is too much of this frustration in this video, some of which should have been replaced with some more useful explanation of the processes involved.
But we still have the document and this thread.
So let's continue.
The PCR provide heat to the Earth which is conducted through our atmosphere. This heat is (in our atmosphere) the kinetic energy of electrons and not the temperature that one feels, and it creates a rise of (negative) potential, just as additional electrons would.
The SCR provide free electrons in our atmosphere. Not very many, but enough to act as seeds to create an avalanche effect.
In an electric discharge, the sudden expansion of charges cools the electrons involved.
This 'cold' attracts heat from neighbouring atoms and free charges. This flow of energy ioonizes atoms nearby creating more free charges that are consequently added to the discharge. Then the electric and magnetic fields forces them to flow with the other charges in the discharge, so they can not increase the temperature of the discharge.
So the discharge remains cold and keeps attracting heat.
This process would never stop if it wasn't for the fact that the center of the magnetic 'donut' surrounding the discharge moves to the end of the discharge and thus weakens the effect until it stops.
The most important effects here are caused by a rapid change in electric potential and of course the expansion.
In a stepped leader we see the formation of an ionized channel around the initial discharge. This channel can be 1-10m in diameter clearly indicating that this is NOT the discharge itself, but effects arounnd this discharge. The air around the discharge ionizes because of the energy that flows through it towards the discharge. The mainly magnetic effect pushes the charges towards the end of the step, from which a new step is initiated.
This leaves a channel of ionized air which is emptied once it hits the ground. Notice that these charges do not originate from the thundercloud, but from the air below.
This is the process Tesla wants to copy as a source of electrical energy.

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