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I doubt it, I just drained out a LITHIUM battery rated at 1300mah
and it only gave me about 700-800 mah Max. You have to run them
and see just like you are doing.

This sets a standard baseline as I am sure everyone understands.

Aaron told me to run battery C all of the way down and when i did
that I found out the actual amount the batteries can offer.

Charging the death "C" position battery is easy now. To give everyone
a perspective I discharged a single battery into a bulb at 750ma
for 1 hour burning up all of the power to ground.


I put battery "C" in it's rightful position to charge in the split
positive diagram and only 500ma down to 400ma running thru
the light bulb load for 1 hr.

Now it is charged again all the way to 4.19v

Now i will see how much power is in this same battery C
by removing it from the split pos..........system and burning
up all of the power once again to ground.

THIS is what I am doing

Gone see how much I get out this way.

I am back to double check all these results. C-U-ALL shortly
when I have another result. I can't wait to see that water
generator breaking all the records. That one you setup with
high energy ignition? Yeah that one, can't wait.

Yeah I am back and actually finishing that first charge that is at
around 4.18 but I think I'll go all the way to 4.2ovolt. When i left
it was below 4.20v. It started up at 500ma and after 1 or 2
minutes slowly dropped. It is running 400ma like before.

4.19volts now.

Yeah right that is what I am doing, I am charged up and gonna
runher down once again

Now it is 10 minutes later and the charge current is 380ma.

Yes this is the way to reuse power, I love it.

There it goes 4.20volts After 1 minute disconnected the battery is
still 4.05volts. I will wait till it stops. 4.03v now. so yeah it is
important to charge up the battery all the way.

It will sit at like 4.01 or 4.00 volts.

One hour later the light ran once again at the 700ma average
staring volts 4.2v and ending was 3.15v. Here is what I have
taken from these 3 batteries so far.

1 hour run time of light directly off battery "C"
1 hour run time of light while charging battery "C"
1 hour run time of light once again straight off "C"

So far three hours of light so remember the the conventional
discharge curve above shows that all three batteries in parallel
gave a 5.5hr run time of light.

So the goal is to see how many times I can charge and discharge
battery "C" running the light and charging in this split pos..........

The run voltages of battery A & B while I am on this 4th hour of light
while charging at the same time is A = 3.60v and B =3.66v under a
load. Now I don't know if you understand the significance here but
this is very impressive. I only ran it for a couple of minute to get the
readings and then stopped. We will see next time how many hours
we have left.

Judging from my past measurements I will have to say that we will
get a lot of extra light doing it this way.

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