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lithium batteries

This kind of small 3.2v lifepo4 battery is safer than the typical lithium batts.

You can probably find those cheaper, that was just a quick search - but they are generally still super expensive.

One of the primary benefits of using the lithium batts is the ultra low impedance compared to lead acids. We saw this with the big cell phone tower battery banks. Ultra low impedance to a radiant spike allows one to greatly exploit the gains. With one test where Peter charged the big bank with the 10 coiler way back, the battery bank was able to deliver almost 10 times what went into it. That was the single biggest gain I ever saw on a lead acid battery bank.

However, on smaller lead acids, although the impedance is fairly low, it is actually huge compared to the large cell phone tower battery bank and that is why so many people will never see the gain in the battery alone coupled with the fact that most people never have a high enough frequency of charge/discharge cycles.

Paul Babcock has a 24v lifepo4 setup for his SG and he can stairstep them up with real capacity and not just voltage. It is our speculation that it is the low impedance of the lifepo4 batts because of the cell tower bank results. He charges them with spikes and supposedly they don't like spikes but it is amazing how well they respond. Some builders in Energy Science Forum tried the lifepo4's and did not get the results that Babcock did. He is using 24v and I think they're using 12v so not sure how much difference there will be because of that but the resistive loss percentage is less going with higher voltage.
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