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Originally Posted by bistander View Post
As Aaron mentioned, Peukert doesn't really apply to Lithium ion cells.
I think these Lithium cells would make excellent subjects for your tests. They should eliminate a lot of ambiguity you find dealing with lead-acid.

ambiguity? I.m not sure either? Yes it is true we get
anomalies with lead/acid but I think all batteries do that don't they?

For instants I told you all I grabbed the wrong batteries (and yes these
batteries are the standard cheap batteries you mentioned) so I think
maybe they have sulfates on the plates mates.

I gottem on the Bedini right now in spkie mode way way down low
for the day. I built several of these SG OSC boxes ranging sizes
and I wouldn't trade these for my right hand.

Thanks for the information on Lithium-ion and the effects of speed
charging. Yeah I figure that the way these things zap up right away
with no heat. Yes I do understand your comments on heat and over
charging Lithium ion batteries. This has been all over the web for
years now that they could EXPLODE and so because of those
entries I have always wondered if I could blow one up.

But I am to smart for that. I hate poison. I was even thinking use
a rewound cordless drill motor cage to rewind like Matt does
with his big one to see what effects that and a tiny booster
might do. Who knows maybe I'll get time.
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