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Okay here is the deal, somedays I can't see the forest for the
trees because I had to collect data every 30 minutes for two
days till I could not see straight. Now that the smoke has cleared
and you guys have chimed in I am getting things corrected such
as the "C" rate, I have fixed the error now so it reads C5 rate.

In fact I was almost delirious those 2 days over the weekend and
sitting around doing data collection in the AC was all I was good for
after spending several days out in the 108 index

Thanks to Bistander also. What you said was so true. I have these
batteries of unknown capacity and saw a G2 number on them and
figured they were standard 2 ah Lithium. But they must be 1ah
and I am only getting 600mah out of 1. Some of these batteries
are lower rated.

Like Bistander said "SOMETHING IS BAD WRONG" that was forsure
as it turns out for capacity 3 of these paralleled batteries only
rang up to 1.6ah altogether so that is very low. Then I charged
them up again (With a regulated supply on an amp meter moving the
dial every 10-20 minute til full) and did the split pos.....thing.

Thanks for the heads up guys, I really goofed. I'll figure it
all up again now that the data is in.

I just knew something was wrong and now I can get my act



PS the sony batteries are US17670GR and some say 1200mah and now I see these are not my new batteries, Oops
and others say 1400mah

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