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I have been reading all comments and the one about
limiting charge current to the charge battery is a good

Let me give the joule count for this latest experiment.

See setups in charts above.

Conventional mode = 22,100 Joules

Split Positive mode = 29,900 Joules

So we can see a huge difference in available joules to
light a bulb even with my crumby quick setup not very
well thought out. I couldn't wait, had to get my feet wet
you understand.

This experiment has shown me that the principle splitting
the positive offers extra power right away. However in my
build the batteries are unknown to me or I am in unfamiliar
territory by using them. Probably the miliamp usage is to high
and the charge battery is constantly over charging and burning
up energy as the max has already been reached.

I remember now watching the charge battery over charge for
several 30 minute periods where no increase in voltage occurred.

I have some bigger batteries. And that Matt
motor/switch in the works.

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