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Thanks for the link, Al. I will need some time to digest that paper, but it looks good.
It seems (at first glance) as a rather feeble effect, that they describe. Not enough to satisfy our energy needs. Some things are mentioned there that may require a different explanation, different from the currently accepted view.
- CBR is supposed to be the remains of the Big Bang. There never was a Big Bang because such a thing is entirely impossible and is even conflicting with other accepted theories. So to find remains of something that did never happen does not fall in the category "logical reasoning". The CBR is what Tesla calls secondary cosmic rays a very simple and logical explanation that should win the Occam's Razor prize anytime.
- The other illusion that we should awaken from is that of Relativity. Einsteins dream should end. Here is how. The theory of R is based on the pinciple of R that says there is no experiment that can differentiate between a moving and a stationary frame of reference.
Well... there is actually.
If I put two equal charges on the table they repel and want to move in opposite directions.
If those two charges were to move in the same direction with the same velocity they would produce magnetic fields. If the velocity is high enough these charges will attract and thus show a tendency to move towards eachother. Now some may argue that an electric field translates to a magnetic one through the Lorentz transformation. Fair enough, then show me a magnet where none of the field lines pass through the magnet as in the case of the moving charge.Until someone shows me such a magnet we can suspend this theory of relativity.
But we're drifting off topic....

When I went to high school I was told there were a number of people who had derived some gas-law. These were then all combined into the "Universal Gas Law". When I google for universal gas law it seems to have disappeared, it is called "Ideal Gas Law" now;
Pressure times volume equals number of molecules times the Boltzman constant times temperature. In electricity we could compare voltage to pressure, capacitance to volume and charge as a measure of quantity. Now where is the temperature?
The thing is, it is so constant that we did not realize it was actually there. Thermal conductance in the case of electricity happens so fast that it is difficult to notice the role it plays, unless of course you can create very abrupt changes. In transients there are many effects that are still not fully understood. As is in lightning, Natures prime example of vast transients.
If you read the Feynman lectures on atmospheric electricity, you will read:
- cosmic rays charge the ionosphere with a positive charge
- through our atmosphere the Earth "leaks" 1800 A (negative charges) to the ionosphere
- lightning replenishes this loss of negative charge
Sounds good? There is a small problem though, because lightning takes place in the lower 10 Km's and the ionosphere is at 70 Km's. So what brings the negative charge from the ionosphere against the electric field down to the thunderclouds?
If Feynman is right, then the Earth loses 1.8 KC every second which should result in a rise of the Earth's potential of about 1.2MV per hour.
This is clearly not the case.

More tomorrow.


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