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some more stage setting

In response to various comments on the web:

The main coil in my lab produces about 1.2 MV in short pulses.
Is that inefficient?
No, not at all. You can produce this voltage with smaller coils in CW mode, but not in these very short pulses.
Then why short pulses?
Because I want to rule out many side effects, and also to see if I could find the 11.77 Hz Earth frequency (which I did). Also I can not get enough power from the grid to run in CW-mode. This last issue will be settled soon when I get my 100 KVA generator.
Then in CW mode I will get many MV's.
Do I HAVE a machine to derive power from the wheelwork of nature?
I have, but due to measurement complications I have no definite proof (yet).
Then what is this thread about?
This thread is about the KEY to understanding Tesla's work. There are so many theories and everyone is convinced that his theory is the right one. There are so many "secret of Tesla"-s going round! What I will show you is that the secret was staring you in the face all this time. I will show you what you have missed in Tesla's work and with that little extra knowledge you will understand every detail of it.
You will understand what Tesla was doing between 1888 and 1901 and why.
You will understand how the magnifying transmitter, and the self-acting engine, and his new method for producing iron, and his discovery about a new energy source that he mentions in the 1930's are all the same thing and you will read ALL of this in Tesla's own words.
So it is not MY theory or just another theory, I will show you Tesla's theory in a way that will end all uncertainty.
There are a number of experiments anyone can do to proof that it will work.
But then, nature shows every day, every hour that it does work, so why would you need to prove anything?

As I have said before, to rebuild Wardenclyffe is (at this time) beyond any of us mainly for financial reasons. I hope this will change, but that would require some extremely wealthy person(s) to step forward. But, if my interpretation of phenomena that I have seen is correct, then it should be possible to tap this energy source with equipment that is within our reach. Due to my MOSFET/IGBT incompatibility I have not yet explored this option but yesterday I found a way around this, so I am going to explore this too.
That will take a month or so, but you may get there first....

What did I tell you in my last post here?
That according to Tesla electrical effects are caused by a gaseous medium.
Is that my theory?
Nope, plenty of quotes there.
Congratulations, you are now holding the key. You just don't know it yet.
If electricity is (like) a gas, then what law should apply?

Now read "the problem of increasing human energy" starting at "a departure from known methods". (page 312 in my copy)

Ring a bell?

The video will be up in a few days, I must give some time to my assassin(s)
The video will show the entire process of the TMT but the explanation is incomplete.
(but you now have the key)

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