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Calculations in Joules

Without a precedent of conventional operation this deduction
as to whether or not power is being recycled leaves us guessing.

If anyone has done this comparison and has it posted online
please let me see your results. The calculation is done with grade
school math using times tables to multiply volts X Amps per
second or Volts X Amps X seconds = JOULES

So many Joules per run. Each minute has 60 second so the value
of the number 60 is multiplied by your watts. This is watt/minutes

So if you are making a run like me at 400ma and 3.15volt for ten
minutes your calculation will look like this.

.400ma X 3.15volts X (TIME IN SECONDS)

Time in seconds for 10 minutes = 60 sec X 10 Min = 600 sec

So this means for my experiment

(.400ma X 3.15volt = 1.26watts) X 600 sec = 756 Joules

Now I can clearly see how many nuggets I ate up over
a 10 minute run time. Next looking at battery curves.

As a battery runs down it will hold steady at one place for
extended periods not moving many points on the scale then
all at once it will decline slightly more rapidly and next it will
decline very quickly over a short space and fail.

I will be back to show you my curve for these batteries.

To be fair conventional runs must be done the same as is required
with split positive runs. Split positive runs for my batteries need
changing around after 10-15 min. This constitutes a rest interval
however small say 2 minutes between runs, therefore each
conventional run should follow the same pattern.

For those of you who have never seriously considered all of the
efforts this man has made to show battery curves I suggest
you take advantage of it.

God Bless you JOHN B.


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