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Originally Posted by LeeBob84 View Post
Wow that is awesome thanks Aaron.I have the primary and secondary windings wound, and have been trying to get a good ground system put in. I am living in a rental house at the moment so my original idea of digging four large holes with radiators buried in the yard is a no go. So i have come up with the idea of pounding holes about 4 to 6 feet deep with a 1 inch piece if pipe then removing the pipe, feeding a piece of 4 gauge copper wire to the bottom and pouring molten aluminum down the holes till they are full. I have finally completed mt foundry and poured about 3 pounds of aluminum in the first hole. My biggest hold up now is trying to come up with funds to buy scrap aluminum and fuel for my foundry. I figure that i will need a total of about 75 pounds of aluminum and probably 100lbs of propane to finish. Any Help with that would be more than appreciated. Also I am in need of a good adjustable capacitor for this project to.
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Thanks again
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