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Okay I did my very first ever SPLIT THE POSITIVE runs
And I have to say "IT WORKS!!! Or I am loosing my

Here is what happened. I couldn't wait any longer so I
pulled out some of my 2ah Lithium ION (Choice Batteries)
Batteries and this diagram shows you how I did it.

I ran the system 4 times and each time the current draw on
the modified household LED light bulb was always 400 mil-amp
at 3.15 volts.

These batteries are A-number one charged. All batteries started
at 3.85 well one was 3.90 volts. Now after running my load 4 times
for 10 minutes and the last time 15 minutes before switching I
am reading all batteries higher than the start so there must be
some kind of a mistake. I had to say that because it really
does seem to work. I'll keep doing it to see where I messed up.

I have this crazy feeling as I watch these batteries run this
light with no drop in battery capacity. Something is not right.

I am pretty tickled about it. Of course in the back of my mind
it can't work so I must of made a mistake right?This is to
easy. I don't want to start dancing to soon but it really look like
we have our foot in the door here.

I'll shake these meters to see if they are acting up. Nope no
rattle there.

I am liking this recirculated power. It is a regular LED bulb from
China with the aluminum heat sink and it lights the whole room
up. I didn't want to much pull on these little batteries so I only
enabled 4 LED's to match the power draw I was after.

PS I am back after letting batteries sit for 30 minutes
and a final 5th run trying to get these batteries to drop.
Battery Bank A = 7.87 v and Battery Bank B = 3.93 v

PS the is the second return, I see the loaded voltages now
changing first run 7.35 v and 4.05v now after 6 runs the
first bank loaded voltage is 7.25v so now miliamp draw
went down to 300 ma from the original 400 ma.draw.

So little by little the batteries are dropping slightly. I will hook
it direct now.


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