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Tesla claims to have found a new source for electrical energy and there are many people with different theories. So far none of these can provide power at industrial levels.
Tesla says he had worked for the future, but as far as most people see he has taken his greatest discoveries with him to his grave.
So there must be something in his work that we have overlooked, namely the key to his discoveries.
This is what I have found and what I want to share with everyone.
Once you know this you will read his work new eyes and you will understand what he is saying. You will understand how you can connect our machines to the wheelwork of nature, you will understand what a Magnifying Transmitter is, you will understand how the Death Ray works, his self acting engine etc. and you will read all of this in his own words, not mine.
The video will show the overall process of the TMT and how it connects to the wheelwork of nature (but the full explanation and the key is in a 65 page document).
I wanted to make a second video about this key, but what I have got so far is horrible. I may leave that to other more creative minds.

It is much like Bill Beaty says at the bottom of his list of lost discoveries; one discovery from which all the above sprout.

Does that answer your question?


BTW. it also gives a clue about his theory of gravity, but I do not see a full explanation. I still have some questions about his flivver.
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