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octopus tentacles


I think most Tesla & Tesla apparatus enthusiasts would be very interested in learning about your disclosure or claims regarding the Tesla Magnifying Transmitter.

I my opinion, rather than wait for 10,000 views on this forum, where by that stage the momentum of the interest would decrease somewhat. Simply decide if you’re going to disclose or not. If so, then do so when the time is right for you…

When it is, use all available the resources that originate from this forum which actually spread out around the planet like octopus tentacles… (I think we would all be amazed as to how far they actually spread).

Of course once you release your information there will be critics (and supporters) of one kind or another. Critics could be silenced (or their volume level reduced) by other experimenters also being able to demonstrate the magnifying principle that you show or claim with their own apparatus...

Good luck
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