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So here is my plan to move forward. I attached 2 images to this message. Look at the first one.

Slide one

You can ignore the switch on slide1. But look how the voltages all work out in the circle. This is basically what you are doing now if you have a setup going. The current on the ground side, moving to the serial batteries is only -3.2 volts over the source voltage at 25.5 volt.

You have to remember zero is where you put it. These batteries are both positive and negative and depending on how want to look at things you chose where to put the meter or scope leads.

With 3.2 volt we are seeing the tipping of the serial battery charge rate. Batt 1 holds up better than Batt2.

Look at slide2. Again ignore the switch.

Now we have adjusted the output to put out the same amount (Within reason) as source batteries. We will need a serial load. 2x 12 volt bulbs run in series to handle this power. But now on the ground side we get -14.3 volts.
We should see an improvement in the performance of the serial batteries. If we don't then what I have seen in the past and my theory around it is wrong.
All is not lost from that though. In fact that can answer a really big question and help us narrow down what is happening.
Don't get me wrong I am fairly positive that I am not on the wrong road, but if the data comes back and says the batteries are performing better for longer periods of time then we need to hone in on that effect. We need to peak out the performance on that side and start knocking down the things that are costing us.

So now in Both slides I have a switch which I told you to ignore, but that switch may change the effect altogether. It can allow us to continue to run the circuit while adding more modulation. Don't be scared of a transistor and a Arduino. Embrace it!! And you have no worries because I can teach ya how to use it. Its so simple you'll laugh at yourself later for not using them sooner.

Now the only thing I see at the moment that is limiting factor is the boost module we have chosen to work with. Specs say minimum 10 volt input. I think I have already run it lower than that but if that gets in the way. I'll give you guys a simple little circuit to go with your Arduino and WALLA another little problem solved.

I could go on, but I really want to say just get your basic setup running, have a little faith. These things take time, patients and the will to understand. You cannot just pull them out of your hat. Especially when everyone uses different stuff. But when your done and your only charging once a month and doing hundreds of watt hours of work you'll realize how powerful this can be.

Everything you do from that point on, will relate what you could learn here.

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