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@ ewizzard,
I have talked to many people and scientists and outside of the world of free-energy believers I found there is no one who takes this seriously. Maybe 20-50 years ago you would have been right, but today, Tesla and his work is being laughed at.
We all know 'better' now, come on!, didn't he say "ether"! ha ha ha...
I have not found one shred of faith. Only fear of reputation damage.

I am not the first one with a theory about Tesla's "secret", and all those before me have proven established science right. It has been 116 years, if there was something there surely someone would have found it!

I believe this 2 step approach is the right way and with Aaron's contacts there will be little difference between 1 step or 2 steps.
Have faith! (famous last words)
BTW. the video and the document containing the complete disclosure are not only in my hands. If anything were to happen to me, it would only speed up the disclosure process.

In the early stages of the disclosure I will certainly not come to the US of A.
Later perhaps, when you can read about this in the papers and hear it on tv.
A demo - in Tesla's way - would require huge equipment, we are talking about millions of volts. This can not be set up in a few days or even weeks.
But I have seen some very promising effects at lower voltages and with smaller equipment. I think with proper power electronics the effects can be replicated at voltages around 100KV. or even slightly below that The problem is that power transistors are not compatible with me. I have not tried tubes, because their cathode heating uses too much power.
I think (90% sure) it can be done and it would be great if someone here would provide this proof.
I'll explain how to do it, but someone else with MOSFET or IGBT compatibility will have to try.

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