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Ernst, You have done an amazing job of building and research. It must be very difficult to hold what you have without disclosing it all right away. But I think your plan for disclosure is a very bad plan. Sorry but I still believe there are powers out there that will do anything to stop such info from getting out and IMO you've just painted a big target on yourself. I've always said the best way to release a major breakthrough is to do it all at once as far and wide as possible and to do it anonymously but with an encrypted bit of info enclosed with your release which once it is well established that your info is valid and in the hands of thousands you will share the decryption password disclosing you as the inventor / finder of this information. Does that sound too 'cloak and dagger' ? I can understand if it does but are you willing to bet your life that the trillion dollar energy industry might not do whatever it takes to stop a major breakthrough which has the potential to destroy their business from going public?
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