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Ere many generations pass...

If you opened this thread, then you probably know this quote:
Originally Posted by Nikola Tesla
Ere many generations pass, our machinery will be driven by a power obtainable at any point of the universe. This idea is not novel. Men have been led to it long ago by instinct or reason; it has been expressed in many ways, and in many places, in the history of old and new. We find it in the delightful myth of Antheus [Antaeus], who derives power from the earth; we find it among the subtle speculations of one of your splendid mathematicians and in many hints and statements of thinkers of the present time. Throughout space there is energy. Is this energy static or kinetic? If static our hopes are in vain; if kinetic—and this we know it is, for certain—then it is a mere question of time when men will succeed in attaching their machinery to the very wheelwork of nature.
In the course of 1888-1901 Nikola Tesla developed and tested a new way to generate electrical power from the medium. He described it first and most completely in his article "the Problem of Increasing Human Energy", but in later articles especially after 1930 he gave more clues. His Death Beam and Interplanetary Communication are based on the same principle. So once you understand the Magnifying Transmitter, you will also understand what he meant with these, and how they operate.
A number of years ago I thought I had found the key to the Magnifying Transmitter, and indeed it proved to be true. But to fully unlock its secret took another few years until about 1 year ago I knew the picture was complete, and ... it would certanly work.

Tesla called his Magnifying Transmitter the most magnificent electrical machine that he had knowledge of and I am sure that everyone will agree once they understand what it is and what it does.

I have been unable to talk about it in exchange for money to experiment with it. But the time is near that I will be free to talk about it.
The plan is to spread this knowledge as far and wide and as quickly as possible, in a 2 stage process.
The first stage is to put up a video on youtube showing the entire process, but explaning only 90% of it. Scientists will say that it won't work because they THINK they can fill in the missing 10%. So this video will not be seen as a threat. But someone familiar with Tesla's writings may eventually figure it out. Later as soon as I have an exposure to at least 10K people I will supply the full explanation.

For now this thread is to discuss ideas on how to create that exposure in the shortest possible time.
After the video has been posted the contents of that video can be discussed here.
Once I have the audience I want, all your answers will be questioned and all your questions answerred.

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