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Easy boys, all true and we are getting to the end fast.
Here is what you may have missed. When God makes war
against HIS enemies He takes HIS time setting the stage.

What we are seeing has been planned "I will put hooks put your jaw"
He said He would bring all Nations against Israel so the Nations
would KNOW who THE LORD IS.

Yes the slaughter will be great, however right now we are in
a segment of the process of drawing out into the open first.

God said He will also spare a small portion who turn away from Sharia
but until the battle lines are fully drawn we will not know who is
on THE LORD'S side and who want's to turn the USA into one
last Benghazi attack.

The good news is that good always wins

Go read 2 Kings where Jehu the young warrior lying thru his teeth
to THE LORD'S enemies. He suckers them in. Throwing a party,
like Obama has thrown a party for his Brotherhood.

Obama is nothing BUT a party dog and doesn't understand that
him trying to bring America down with open borders is going to
backfire. A small fraction will repent from following Sharia and
so in the mine of GOD this is worth it all.

Remember LOVE AGAPE even watches over the sparrows.


2 Kings 10:18 And Jehu gathered all the people together,
and said unto them, Ahab served Baal a little; but Jehu shall
serve him much.

Big sucker job then slaughtered them red handed.

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