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We have to face the fact that Islam is a mental disorder

We have to finally admit that Islam is a mental disorder that promotes sociopathic barbaric behavior not acceptable in civilized countries.

Islam was never a religion, it is a political idealogy because it teaches followers to kill all unbelievers and tries to force sharia law on the entire world. Those two precepts make them enemies to any sane people because they mean YOU!

It is sad that 1400 years of inbreeding has reduced them to the conditions they choose to live under in modern times.

The world needs to understand this and expel all muslims back to their home countries. Because they all follow the quran, they have the seeds of jihad and death instilled in them, like 3rd stage syphylis, festering and waiting for the chance for expression. Meaning no muslim can be trusted because we never know when they might 'go jihad' on those around them.

Look how many terrorist attacks have come from muslims working or living peacefully with others. One day, they snap and kill innocents. Because of this propensity to snap, we cannot trust them or have them living in our countries if we value our security.

It is up to the muslim community to police their own sociopaths. There is no question that they have family and friends who are fully aware when they are collecting weapons and planning an attack, yet they fail to report them to authorities. Instead, they await the disaster and relish it as a sick form of schadenfreude.

They must all pay the price as ENABLERS. Until they begin reporting these psychopaths, punishing them and stopping them on their own, they do not deserve inclusion into any civilized country.

We need to bring our troops home because WE are the invaders and occupiers. Failing that because of corrupt politics, we have no option but to attack them at their root, their beliefs. Bomb full mosques and eventually nuke Mecca if they fail to correct their sociopathic behavior. Conditions will worsen until we acknowledge and take action to resolve this matter once and for all.

So face it Muslims, as long as you CHOOSE to follow the quran, you will be reviled and rejected by any sane civilized country who values their own culture, their unique history and their priceless lands, paid for by the lives of countless patriots over hundreds of years. We cannot trust muslims to live among us, period.
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