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Radical Fundamentalists ISIS Muslims Obama's brethren.

False Flag to take Guns. Sleeper cells are made of 2 million
plus young Syrian military boys ready to put the USA's
lights out. Just keep living in fear of being politically
correct. You all see me and know how loud I am but
you have no clue what I grew around, they were

These people hate the USA. Don't think so?

Ask any Arab if he is Muslim, then ask him if he supports
Sharia law or Christian Law. The Muslim will always say
Sharia, why? Because without Sharia Law there is no Muslim

Any Muslim who gets caught saying he rejects Sharia Law
will be targeted for execution by his own family and friends
yes right here in the states.

The USA must stop going to sleep on this issue and start
praying to God as in the days of our fore fathers. One praying
man will contaminate thousands and this is what has happened
in the past.

We are a Nation who has chosen Christianity as the predominate
form of worship to God and all of our laws (Common Law) was
originally based on it. We as American people are not bound by
a gOd to kill others in hOly-wAr in some sort of mind warped

The Law of God permits all men time to live their lives out in
anyway they chosen to do it. If murder or rape comes WE THE
PEOPLE step in. We are the policemen of the world, right?

Well well we use to be the policemen of the world until we
found out the truth about who we were policing, now we are
just glad to get out with a whole skin.

Islam can not be salvaged. Islam commands the death of all
who do not follow Sharia Law, not GOD'S LAW.

You will all have to have some form of answer to yourselves
as you witness the spiraling decline of all civilization.

How did Israel become such a big deal?

Why are there many Billions of people around the world
so preoccupied with only a handful of Jew living on a few
square miles of land?

Why? It doesn't make sense guys.

Why are Christians also an additional target along
with Jews?

These radicals are the embodiment of demons by Christian
standards of equality.

Rape them wenches til they get a Muslim baby, tie them
up as slaves and then finish them later all being done
under your noses in the cities.

Sleep on.


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