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Here is a converter that operates from 3.5v up on the input
but I have no idea if it shares a common ground. This might
be cheap enough for someome to use only as a small test.
Or maybe these people already have a bigger one. I use one
to step up voltages now but the one I have it only 1 sq inch.
Regulated-3-5V-30V-5V-12V-Voltage-Step-Up-led-Volt-R-/190898609868?hash=item2c72719ecc:g:jHgAAMXQ0pNRvDL c

Features :
Dimensions: 67x42x18 mm (L*W*H)
Input voltage: DC 3.5V-30V
Output voltage: DC 3.5V-30V (boost,input voltage < or = output voltage)
Continuous current: 6A (long-term work)
Maximum input current: 10A (peak)
Output power: Max 100W, (U-in * I-in * Efficiency = U-out * I-out)
Voltmete display color: red
Voltmeter accuracy: (0.5% +1 digit)
Static power consumption: typically around 15ma
LED indicator:Have
Anti-reverse protection: Have
IN+: Positive input
IN-: Negative input
OUT+: Positive output
OUT-: Negative output
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