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Motor Winding Coatings

I would like to share an experiment with resin hardeners I did
30 years ago. It saved me and still does money. It seems like
every time I turn around I am needing more resins to be hardened
to perform a given task.

I couldn't find the same picture of my can but as soon as I start
snapping shots I will show you what it looks like exactly. It is a quart
can just like this one that is sold at car paint counters for super
high prices but if you know what to ask for you can get the one I
always buy for around $15-$20 per quart at Sherwin Williams.

Ask for High Solids Polyurethane hardener B60V30 the B in the
number sequence stand for PART B. They will also sell you
a one gallon can of paint to go with that of polyurethane (Part A)
for about $200, just say "NO THANK YOU" it is a game the
chemists play getting you to buy the same thing for far more.

Now you have it all in your hand, this stuff at 10 percent
to 20 percent will harden up any cheap resins of POLYURETHANE
clear coat. After about 2-3 hours it turns to a gel so you have
that much time to let it set up as it gets thicker and thicker.

I like slow, slow is the best quality for bout anything you are doing
whether filling, clear coatings or adding white tint to paint it is tough
and long lasting.

I bought a 1 gal. can of the clear poly on sale for $20 today and I
have had the hardener for a few years. I bought the hardener from
many Sherwin stores.

It takes 16 hours to get hard and after 2-3 days it turns to a glass
hard material. You will not be able to get your thumb nail into the
surface, it is that hard.

It really is toxic stuff so ventilate well if you want to live. After a few
hours the odor dissipates but that initial set time gives off the smell
of model airplane glue that will knock your sockets off.

The thing I like about it is it takes a long long long time to set
completely and while I work I like to put it on runny getting
super penetration into the smallest areas, then 30 minutes
later another coat from the same mix and after an hour
til you can spread it like peanut butter filling huge openings
if need be.

It is a metal can quart size similar to this one only these
guys removed the label and sell the same stuff for $100.
Because you don't know what to ask for the consultants
hold the knowledge over your head, telling you of course
that it may not work and so forth. Ignore them.

Look for the number B60V30 below and now you can harden
up commonly available Poly resins found at your near by hardware.

I have used many epoxies and fiberglass resins that went into
an exothermic heated reaction that went to fast or even stuff
that peals off like garbage, not this stuff. Even the thinnest
amount walked on for years will not peal, this speaks about

I have covered floors and cars with this stuff or bikes or anything
that I wanted to come out like powder coat and it is indestructible
like stuff for out door decks.

I have used it at temps over 400 degrees and it doesn't blink.

Use a breathing mask with pumped in air from the outside like I do,
for jobs inside when coating takes to long or your lungs will be
stuck to your brain. It is that bad.

Be careful and you will be glad.


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