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It's comin round. The video's Matt posted saved me a
bunch of rewinding cause of the bearing and housing
may have touched so you need to leave the winding
a little slack so you can push it around flat.

If you wrap it to tight right down by the bearing and try
to pry it up later it might break the wires but mine came out
right in the first shot.

My motor was brand new and was somehow shorted out
smoking the windings. It is the same as my old 24v motor
cage but was wrapped with very very fine wire to run at

I had a big roll of 20awg and seeins how I had so much
extra room inside this cage and my wire bein so much thicker
I went to

50 turns first coil

40 turns middle coil

40 turns outside coil.

It's a bit bigger motor maybe by a few millimeters.

I used a die grinder wheel in an electric grinder like
Matt used to chop off the side opposite the commutator
and used a pin to tap the windings out.

Don't forget to clip your wires on the commutator.

Plenty of room on this one to clear the wire.

It took me a grand total of less than an hour so far to
cut off the old windings and rewind.

Gonna probably use my jewelers torch to silfos maybe we will
see what I think as far as getting the wires connected to the

Gotsta git me some apoxy but eyes workin on it. I lived in Sc
7 years and all my old slang is coming back to me.

Texas was alot of fun too. Nevada, CA. FL

It's all the same thing, plenty of good folks everywhere.



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