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There was an article in the English version of the Moscow Times recently claiming that Russians are a very mean people. I know a Russian guy here who had to leave Russia because he didn't look like an average Russian,,, whatever that is. He had a few friends killed because they didn't look Russian enough.
Russians never smile. Stalin and the Gulags took all the mirth out of the Russian soul.
" A Chechen family moved into one of the apartments in our building this winter.

Everything was fine until a gang of skinheads began harassing one of their young women. The troublemakers were not from our neighborhood, because nobody remembered seeing any signs of neo-Nazi activity there since the apartments were built in the 1970s although the occasional skinhead had been spotted in the area.

As a rule, Chechens do not leave any act of aggression unanswered especially when it is directed against their women. And they do not go running to the police: they call other Chechens to their aid."

Nobody Wants to Live in the Mean New Russia | Opinion | The Moscow Times
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