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Originally Posted by Danny B View Post
.......... The truckers often grab a girl
and throw her back in the sleeper cab and she isn't seen again.
One of the girls went into the loo in the daytime. She was alone
in there. A guy came in and grabbed her. She started fighting
and managed to run out and back to the bus. She was hysterical
when I tried to ask her what happened.
Zhits goin down right now big league

Here are the white Russian men taking care of things themselves.

Got to love those guys, come on. They have very low
tolerance in Russia for young men who rape, grope and threaten
their young girls at the local night clubs.

Now that Trump is talking throw their butts out of the USA the
peoples of other countries are becoming super charged to help
the weak or girls and children.

Russia is a Christian Nation but their brand of religianity isn't
like the gmo fed pigeons turning the other cheek while their
loved ones are sold into human trafficking rings.
Raping is not an option in Russia.


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