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Guarding the chooks from the coyotes

I was on a bus-camping trip from London to Kathmandu several years ago. The courier told the girls to be careful after we left Europe. They knew that they were safe and they ignored his warnings. We were in Londra Camping on the outskirts of Istanbul. Istanbul is the crossroads of Europe and Asia. There is a big truckstop joined to the camping area. The truckers often grab a girl and throw her back in the sleeper cab and she isn't seen again.
One of the girls went into the loo in the daytime. She was alone in there. A guy came in and grabbed her. She started fighting and managed to run out and back to the bus. She was hysterical when I tried to ask her what happened.
We called the cops but, nobody spoke Turkish. The cop didn't seem particularly concerned. After that, the girls always asked the guys to accompany them.

2 of the girls that I raised came within a millimetre of being kidnapped in France because they didn't listen to me. I sent them to Spain and Portugal and told them that France is too dangerous. They went to France. There was a guy outside their hotel room with a club and the desk kept calling them and telling that they had a visitor at the desk.
They called me here in L.A. and asked me what to do.
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