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Originally Posted by Bob Smith View Post
Hi Aether Scientist
I like your open system concept of cap charging. I think this is a track very much worth exploring. The problem for me is I get a discharge from caps charged in parallel like this only if I short them out - great sparks, but a useful discharge for me is the goal.

I believe the key to useful discharge that can perform work is moving from a parallel kind of charging as you demonstrate to a series discharge.
In other words, charge in parallel, discharge in series. I also believe the open configuration of your system is of key importance.
As you know, in the setup I show here I use the AV plug to charge a capacitor in parallel.

As you might know, there is one very known circuit that is similar to an AV plug and can discharge the caps in series.

Basically, the AV plug is very similar to a Cockcroft walton multiplier (half wave).
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