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Originally Posted by Turion View Post
Do NOT run loads between the negatives.
In other words, do NOT split the negatives with a load. Matt has
explained in detail why you shouldn't do that. It will ruin your
Okay yes I agree that I need to do the basic tests first and
now knowing that running a split negative will ruin batteries
I am glad of that.

I have some beauties that are 55 ah Deep Cycle I would
rather hang onto.

I looked thru 100's of pages and 100's of posts and I still
have not found a wiring diagram but what I do remember
was some text just a few lines telling how to wind in which
direction, that I remember, finding? That might be hard to do.

I have been reworking my SSSG osc and the fast diodes have
improved the efficiency even more so it looks like the Bedini
Oscillator builds are going to pay off in more ways than one.
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