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Hey BroMikey,
If I had the correct working generator, the McCulloch, I will easily replicate this. Hitby13kW has come really close to doing so, however, he missed 2 important steps which I have sent messages to him to tell him where he has gone wrong.

I have many transformers for sale and just received some yesterday that are the type necessary to function in Gerard's circuit, however, the generator must NOT have a breaker or a GFCI so it functions correctly, and, the generator used must have a fused output or the breaker must be bypassed for correct function and fuse be installed . The generator must be a permanent magnet electrical generation by means of either a permanent magnet rotor, or, a coil rotor and permanent magnet stator. The generator can't be a shunted generator or electromagnet core and coil stator because it causes a complete short when the input to the transformer is shorted out as needed, or it uses too much energy to be "over efficient" and will hinder the amplification needed which is caused by the capacitive draw the transformer creates from the Magnetosphere..

If the person replicating the circuit would listen to me, they need to follow my instruction. They need to watch Gerard's video very closely and follow these instructions I give here:

They need to short together the secondary circuit of the transformer, shorting together the left and middle secondary connections, then, they need to connect the generator's hot or black wire to this. The right side needs to connect to the neutral or common (white lead), and if you all notice, this will connect the outside of the can to the hot or + polarity , opposite of how the can is intended to operate, and, the can must not be grounded whatsoever!. The outside of the two cans must be bonded to each other, and, the can must be isolated from ground completely, as well, the generator must be isolated from ground, which Hitby's is NOT, it is laying on the concrete which is a decent ground. A rubber blanket or wood pallet needs to be under the generator.

This makes the outside of the transformer a + and the bushing will become the -. The bushing will attract the + dc energy from the magnetosphere and create a direct connection of an aerial plasma tube of Earth's atmosphere to the - bushing. When the generator pulses the energy in one direction, the bushing will attract the energy, when the pulse flops to the other side of the spectrum, the can will attract the energy, or eliminate the attraction, creating a massive burst of back emf and another energetic attraction to the circuit in the opposing manner. This will draw in more energy from the Atmosphere via plasma tube to the can's outer casing which will output any amount of energy needed to the circuit provided the electrical connections of the appliance are not grounded, or, if they are, the neutral must NOT be tied to it. The casings of appliances can only be grounded if the neutrals aren't tied to ground otherwise the energy will NOT flow. If the outside casings of the appliances are not grounded and the neutrals are tied to the case, since the energy is reversed on the transformer in one half cycle, the outside casing of the appliances may electrocute the user if touched with the back emf burst, so, special care must be considered for this type of application, and the user or operator must know this can and will happen, especially of the load is a high resistance load, the electricity will flow through them instead of the load if the body's resistance is lower than the load. In the opposite half of the cycle, since it is radiant energy, the opposite is true.. The radiant energy will flow with great force through high resistance connections, so, again, there is and will never be perfect protection unless the transformers are inside of a protective enclosure and the appliances are externally grounded while neutrals are disconnected from the casings at all times!!

The energy used is 100% radiant energy except for the prime mover's energy used to fire the circuit, which will be approximately 1 amp. Even this is the energy (the approximate 120 watts ) needed to fire the secondary coils of the transformer and the capacitance created in the can is only due to the change in polarity in the ac wave or dc pulsed waveform. This means the capacitive charge will change, on for charge and off for discharge, giving the output a ferromagnetic resonance that discharges into the load on every half cycle. This is how the arrangement works and if it isn't connected exactly as I just said, it will NOT work, or can kill the experimenter. Hitby13kW doesn't do this correctly in his videos, however, he may have changed this to try what I have suggested over time, but, I am willing to show this myself if somebody would donate the McCulloch me, or sell one to me rather cheap. I need them to contact me, and i know you have arranged somebody to give me one, but, they didn't have time to package it up and ship it to me. I will pay for the shipping if they wish to do so, howver, they need to get it to a shipping company and insure the generator has no fuel in it, and it gets to me in one piece. They may wish to build a wooden frame around it and I will replicate the circuit once I receive it, but, the circuit will NOT show digitally more in than out, but, analog meters will show this and the appliances being used will be powered correctly and function.

Here is what I can offer folks if they want to duplicate the circuit:
I just wanted to let you know that I have received a bunch of working but used utility transformers that we are selling. They are "pole" transformers, so, anybody interested could take advantage if they are in or near the CT area. The transformers were energized up until 2 days ago and work perfectly, however, buyers will have to take full responsibility for incidents/accidents, electrocutions, or spills/destruction during shipping if they buy them, waiver must be signed. The transformers cost $300 for the smallest (15kVA or 20) 25kVA are $450 each and 50kVA for $600 each. They easily cost double for refurbished units and the customer is responsible for the shipping/securing of the transformers and of course insurance of the shipment. We will load them for the buyer or shipper and will give a phone number to you if you know any interested folks. That is a great deal and I will video myself testing the coils with a meggar if they are interested in buying them. They fed an old establishment which was a GE factory that was recently demolished. We acquired them by giving them a credit for each one off of our final construction cost. Anyway, I am willing to work on the price for anybody interested in buying the entire lot and the offer prices or agreed price will need to be for cash if they want them all of in a bulk purchase. Other than that, company checks or personal checks will be accepted after they clear into our account. Please let me know if anybody is interested in buying them, they will work for the Gerard Morin setup if they listen to how I set them up. The generator used must not have a gfci or breaker, they will only work if the generator used is a permanent magnet genrator with a fused output. The breakers in a generator or gfci will open, eliminating function because a standard style generator coil is being shorted out due to the fact that shorting the coil as Gerard did creates an unwanted shunt across the generator coil causing a trip.

Please have interested buyers contact me privately and I will arrange to meet them at my shop and ship these units, however, we will not be responsible for damages, injuries, oil spills, broken equipment or burned out appliances, or even worse, fires because of their negligence or lack of experience/expertise. These transformers are no joke and they are not toys, they are and can be lethal if used with an input of any significant amperage, meaning that 1 amp at 120v can kill somebody, especially if they connect the transformer's secondary to a wall outlet, the amperage on the high voltage side is instantaneously lethal; and will blow off limbs, etc.

amplification of this energy can kill even easier and is not recommended that anybody other than a seasoned high voltage expert should be playing with these devices. They have no business doing so, not even master electricians should do so as they are not experts with high voltage utility systems and are usually not trained for the safety of high voltage systems.
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