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Originally Posted by aljhoa View Post
Is that the only tradition?

Sharia Law And US Constitution


I didn't want to bring up the sick stuff like sex with 8 year old boys
and little girls or the bestiality. Don't forget to pour hot oil on
your wife's face if she makes her husband jealous by talking to
other people.

The little boys gotta watch Moma get her azz beat now and
then so hey better get another woman in the house to show
those little boys the true way of life according to Allah. Hot
legs deserved it anyway. Kill them bitzhs. Yeah good ole Dearborn
Mi. is down with that sickness, back in my old stompin grounds.

Throw in a beheading according to SHARIA law.
Did I miss anything?I really didn't want to start ranting
again it makes me want to go pull out all my weapons.

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