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Baby boy learns Islamic tradition that Jew and Christians are
equal with animals such as cows and pigs.

The Christian western societies are wkorish according to Islam
and must be dominated. Jihad is Islam is ISIS.

This is a current AFFAIR. This is not from the olden days.

This is Islamic ritual practice for children. When children
grow up they are use to blood running out of people so
raping and cutting are not such a big shock to them.

They are right at home with cutting themselves and others.

I know many would love to attack me stating I am a trouble
maker who is inciting violence by revealing the nature of
RADICAL ISLAMIC TERRORIST who openly practice these
death cult rituals.

I wouldn't want to hurt anyone's feeling here but placing
a bomb in one anal cavity before boarding an AIRBUS is
a great honor to annihilate ALLAH's enemies by going into
the john and pushing the button.

That is the least a true follower of Islam can do. All others
who practice a lukewarm western version of Islam are considered
worthy of death as well.



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