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Hi Serge,

Thanks for your answer, but I realized in the meantime that I probably misunderstood the coil layout and I thought coil layout nr 1 (I encircled in red on the left) showed a bifilar winding. I realised it may not be a bifilar winding but the red coil labelled as "a" is wound counterclockwise and the blue coil labelled as "b" above it is wound clockwise direction. (So this is not bifilar winding if we define bifilar as using two wires and we wind the two wires together in the same direction as normally for bifilar coils.)

I also drew a black arrow from one of the coils in the picture to the drawing nr 1 to show that its winding layout (and all the 8 coil winding layouts) corresponds to your coil layout nr 1, is this a correct assumption?

In your other coil layout nr 2 on the right side you show the two coils are not layered above each other but positioned next to each other. To make such coils you need to divide the bobbin into two sections and in one section on the left the red winding would go counterclockwise and in the other section on the right side the blue winding would go clockwise direction. This 2nd winding technics is not applied in the prototype setup shown in the picture, right? (because I cannot see the two sections on the bobbins, that is.)

So these are what I meant with my question, sorry for my mistake to confuse normal bifilar winding with the clockwise and counterclockwise windings.

So do I understand the coil embodiments correctly now? or I still confuse something?

Many thanks for your time and answers.

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