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Originally Posted by spacecase0 View Post
I am having a hard time visualizing that setup,
will try again tomorrow when I am more rested

I found this a while ago,
thought you might like it
I like it's idea of an infinite magnetic field with a finite current

Two ring magnets coupled S-S. A center axle with copper disks on each end, so they look like two thumb tacks facing each other with the pins attached on the ends. A "Tungston Ring" is positioned in the center of the axle, and this "Arc's" against an asbestos gasket sandwiched between the magnet faces. Positive current runs through the commutators into the discs from each end, powering the disks as Homopolar motors. The grounded magnets generate a "Plasma Vortex" from the rotating "Tungston" ring anode, "Arc" and the counter rotating magnetic field helps boost the power to drive the disk axle.

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