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No eyewitness saw the car crash into the tree. I proved the car didn't hit the tree when I started looking at the footage and photos. It never hit the tree because it came to rest south of it facing east without ever hitting it. That's common sense.

The entire hood is covered by the sheet which proves that the front of the car was mostly intact. That contradicts the video footage and any high speed crash. The wheel-well is hidden by the tree which also contradicts the video. The daytime photo makes it perfectly clear that the Mercedes never impacted the tree.

The third photo makes it appear as if the car was traveling west to east, but was actually moving the same direction as the (north to south) fire-truck. It's not debatable that this visual makes the crash scenario a simple myth. This cover-up lacks any real evidence that the story told to us could possibly be true outside of assumptive conclusions. It also appears that the car hit the tree head-on which is debunked by the daytime photo and clearly didn't happen..

A defense wound or self-defense wound is an injury received by the victim of an attack while trying to defend against the assailant.[1][2] Defensive wounds are often found on the hands and forearms, where the victim has raised them to protect the head and face or to fend off an assault, but may also be present on the feet and legs where a victim attempts defense while lying down and kicking out at the assailant.

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