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after reading all your posts (not watching the videos)
have you ever see the idea that one connection on the outside of a homopolar generator
one connection point will cause eddy currents that will slow down the disk when you start pulling current out of it,
but if you have many points on the outside connected, it makes things more symmetrical and you get less eddy currents to slow the disk down
I think it was some tesla write up I saw that suggested an odd number of connection points evenly spaced, and it should be more than 3 points, either that or it was someone talking about what he got from tesla...
if you think about things like the sun, they will have continuous connection points in the plasma, so trying to simulate that with only one connection point might miss the required setup,
you may have already thought of this (as it is hard for me to see videos)
but thought I would put the idea out there as I did not see you mention it
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