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Bucking Fields Homopolar Twin.

Attaching two axial ring magnets at opposite poles so the fields are "Bucking"; Would allow two copper discs to turn in opposition but in "Negative Reverse synchronicity", so they can be connected to one common axle and spin the same way. There would be a center mono-pole and two disimilar center poles, one to each side, inside the hollow core of the ring magnets.

The plasma field could either be grounded to the "Central Mono-Pole" for a Clockwise spin or to the two opposite side poles simultaineously, for a Counter Clockwise rotation of the magnetic field. This arc would come from the single or twin rotating anodes off the internal axle.

The current would flow into each copper disk individually through two commutators, and begin to power the twin disc axle. Each commutator current would be grounded to the magnets, and travel by electric arc, generating "Lorentz Spin". The ground position would control the direction of the "Plasma Vortex's" counter rotating magnetic drive field. The homopolar disks would be powered by the incomming current and the rotating magnetic field produced by the "Plasma Vortex" providing "Same Direction Axle torque"; Depending on the choice of ground field polarity! All the rotating magnetic field movement would be one rotational direction.

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