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I just can't get the Terawatt device out of my head. I wrote that the 2 shafts turn at the same speed. Terawatt shows them rotating at different speeds. One picture shows both wheels have bold lines for indexing.
This page has a table with all the figures. It shows different speeds for the 2 shafts.
Interactive Magnetic Oscillation - Revolution-Green

I found a German page with just a bit of English referring to a discrepancy about this:
TUV Rheinland file no.: 30881449.003, project no.: 3070701, Terawatt

Dear Uwe,

Sorry, that i have a question about a project, which has been completed 4 years ago, but you have to know, that there are some diskussions here in germany (and i am sure in other countrys too), about what has to been approved by this report.

For this reason, i take a deeper look inside the report and i think there is something wrong

What i have seen is:
- on page 1 of attachment A: wheel on shaft 1 (attached to motor) ist the smaller on, on shaft 2 the bigger one
- On page 1 and 2 of attachment D: it is clearly shown, that the shaft 2 has a higher rotation speed as shaft 1, but this seems to be strange.

From the picture of page 4, attachment A, you can estimate the relation of rötation speed as to be 0,65, if the apparatus is driven by shaft 1. Only in the case, that the apparatus is driven by shaft 2, you get the relation of 1.5, which is shown in your report.

So my Question is, if you are aware, that this measurement might be wrong, or might be extremly ambiguous. I dont know, if it is possible, that you may given my an answer about this, but i think it is not a good idea to present on the homepage of TÜV a mesasurement, which seems to be not correct.

The reply from the underwriters lab says to "contact the client". Thema: Terawatt (1/5) - Energie der Zukunft - Raumenergie - Die Energieform der Zukunft

Terawatt didn't want to give too much away so, they fudged everything.
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