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To continue...

I cut off the end of the RG-8U plus 6 inches of the coax cable and put on a new PL 259 male connector Attachment 17111 and soldered with 60/40 lead based solder. Before I soldered the end, I made a small hole in the top of a pvc lid that fit the plastic bucket. I then fed the cable into a rubber grommet then into the squeeky tight hole of the lid. I connected the dummy load to the cable very tight and secure. I carefully placed the lid on the bucket and sealed it. I then secured the rubber grommet to the place on the top of the lid where the cable enters and sealed it from intrusion of water. I then placed the bucket in a hole well below the ground level, several feet. I covered the hole with the entire contents of the excavation site to the point of piling it up anthill style. Attachment 17112Attachment 17113

The dummy load is electrically isolated from the earth and the radiated signal gets out well.

This is only ONE way to make earth transmissions possible.

I look forward to hear from anyone who is making their own type of earth antenna.
I does not have to be the same as mine.
Do you have the technology to build an earth antenna that transmits for miles on a watt or two?

Please post your results here.

Thin Q

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