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Geocentrism and the corruption of modern science

Has modern cosmology, physcis and astrophysics stagnated? Has it dead-ended in its efforts to find a grand unification theory? Is there an overhanging weight of ad-hoc theories that is ready to collapse? Is there a philosophy driving science that is essentially corrupted by an incorrect worldview? Is this the same corruption that Nikola Tesla ran up against which eventually stopped him? I believe the answer is a resounding yes and I think many forum members agree generally to these points. So how can we unravel these errors and break the grip it has on modern research? We must do this by pulling on the loose strings, the errors in data and conclusions made since the Renaissance at least that have set science on its current course and demonstrate for all of various levels of education where you are not required to have a PHD to understand, and logically correct them with the application of the meta-physics of the scientific method, i.e. not abandoning causality, etc. There is a good starting point for this. Dozens of key experiments over the centuries have had confusing results, when actually they were unable to detect that the Earth is in motion. Or did they really prove that it is not? Unable to consider all possibilities in an unemotional and unbiased manner has led to the current level of fantastic theories that we now have. The Big Bang Theory, what a fine theory, black body radiation of the CMBR, is all around us proving it is so. But it must be isotropic, and it is not. And it does not have enough matter to justify the gravitational behavior of galaxies, and expansion rates. So lets make up Dark Matter and Dark Energy. Its been a few decades and no sign of these yet. Hubble was dumbfounded when he witnessed the red-shift of galaxies, seemingly all flying away from the earth, and found it a "horror" to consider the obvious explanation. Thank goodness for isotropism of the Big Bang though, and the General Theory of Relativity, where the universe will be expanding away from you no matter where you are in the universe. (Don't you love Reimanian geometry? It seems more like a mental condition.) Special Relativity makes the Earth move though. And since you cannot have all the Goldilocks just-right combinations of starting conditions essential for the formation of stars and life on our planet since the odds against it are so high, we are given multiverses and 'branes, so we can have infinite universes coexisting in multiple dimensions, and of course we are one of the lucky ones with these just right conditions. Ah you only need to think and do math in 10 or 26 dimensions, too! And what did Nikola Tesla say about Einstein's work in Relativity? "It is a magnificent mathematical garb which fascinates, dazzles and makes people blind to the underlying errors"@4:25 A more sublime and succinct rebuttal cannot be made.

So this is a good focal point to pull on the main thread of scientific error. Modern cosmological theory is built around the idea that smaller objects orbit larger objects in space as witnessed by Galileo when he put a telescope to the moons of Jupiter and made the generalization that it is true for all heavenly bodies. This led the Renaissance revolt in the name of science against established geocentric theories. And in order to support this theory, ad-hoc theory after ad-hoc theory has been added to buttress this philosophical bias. A GUT or a TOE, based on modern cosmological assumptions, you can rest assured is an impossibility. I intend to bring much research and new ways of examining data and experimental results to show that it is most likely true that the Earth is at the center of the universe and that Galileo was wrong. I will predominantly use these 2 sources, where this web site is the work of Dr. Robert Sungenis, and I have found the work of an awesome youtube channel of a Mr. Malcom Bowden. He seems to have access to research papers as a true academician. Here is one of his on the Science Mafia as he calls it. Robert Sungenis has teamed with scientists and producers to make two multi-million dollar movies, The Principle and Journey to the Center of the Universe. The Principle Movie was reviewed here tepidly a couple years ago. I bought the movie and found it tantalizing but it may be leaving the viewer with insufficient data. However, the Journey Movie is a 4 hour tour de force documentary with excellent graphics and all sources meticulously quoted. And of course, main stream science publications and popular tomes for public consumption of science's fantastic lores are riddled with waffle statements about the apparent equivalence of the geocentric and heliocentric reference frame. And peer reviewed publications will be heavily exploited whenever they have successfully run the gamut of the atheistic screening process, to prove this thesis as the prime contender for the most coherent view of the cosmos to date and out of antiquity. So I leave you on your own quest for now. I will bring up various experiments and historical information to review and examine error, faulty conclusions, and even deliberate manipulation to who knows conspire to deprive us all of maximum benefit of true science and clear scientific evidence of the existence of the Judeo-Christian God as described by the Bible and the Torah. Science must be freed from violations of the scientific method made on the basis of a philosophical bias, in order to move forward. Discovery of true laws of physics can only proceed when they accurately reflect empirical evidence.
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