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Positional Asphyxia.”

According to the U.S. National Library of Medicine, National Institutes of Health, positional asphyxia is, “a fatal condition arising because of the adoption of particular body positions, causing mechanical interference with pulmonary ventilation.”

In other words, a person is placed into a position where they cannot breathe. This condition, “Can occur in various circumstances that are likely to come under the observation of the specialist in legal medicine (work, car accidents, torture, kidnapping, etc.)…The diagnosis of positional asphyxia is essentially based on 3 criteria: the body position must obstruct normal gas exchange [breathing], it must be impossible to move to another position, and other causes of natural or violent death must be excluded.”

Woman died after A380 car crash | Torquay Herald Express

Nutty Putty Cave tragedy and bookcase accident. | Donna Barstow -- The Opposite of Wrong Took a day to die

John Jones died in a cave, but his widow emerged from the darkness | Deseret News """ """ """ """ rare photo

https://cutthroathippiegang.files.wo...0&h=200&crop=1 """ Pipelow 2 Feet

https://localtvktvi.files.wordpress....s028054735.jpg """ """ better angle scrunged up shirt bloody shirt Pipelow different account shoe embed FB threat shoe embed Upside down death restraint death """ big pic teeth knocked out accident

As I reached the correct mat, I looked down the inner hole created from rolling the mat and saw his feet with white socks no shoes about 2 feet down the inner hole. I reached grabbed one of his ankles hoping for a response. There was none, and I knew he was lifeless at that point.

Thanks, Jeanna! Let me change the subject a bit and see if we can explore some of these PA type deaths. Some interesting things out there and obviously being upside down is bad news, but you'd be surprised at how some have survived.

A baby...NO WAY. Yes way. 14 hours later.

This case is awful, but a lot people tried really hard to save him. Died about 28 hours later. He was really trapped.

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