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You are an insulting person and far from fully
informed. You are an intelligent clown. To engage
conversation with you only shows that you love to
pick a fight, to show your buttox.

I am sure you are not after peace or tranquility in any
way shape or form. You will get the same in return, boy.

I can not answer any of your questions because I am
waiting for the rest of your pack members to chime in
to pet your insulting aspirations.

You have shown a track record of continued harassment
and have offered nothing, answered nothing, proven nothing
have no experiments, no device, only elevated mental rants
out into who knows where.

For the sake of others who may want to engage in discussion
in a sane format I address you as the person you project.

Adolescent. I wouldn't mind speaking to a younger man who
shows respect. With respect to the facts you are addressing
I would have to say that a superconductor is a conductor
such as a copper wire that has been improved in it's ability
to conduct.

Yes many definitions of what a superconductor are continually
evolving with each new process but unless you are going to
experiment your comment can only be speculation.

Many forms of energy exist beyond what JOHNNIE is taught in
schools so for instance a conductor such as a copper wire
coated with tin will improved the coppers ability to conduct
ENERGY not electricity and in essence qualifies as a

The latest forms and processes will be obsolete in a short time
and are therefore only a small picture of what constitutes a

Whether or not I understand all of the intricate details of
the latest processes at 77k are irrelevant. This does not
get the REGENX built.

The basic definition is to improve a conductors ability to
pass energy at a lowered resistance as compared to a solid
piece of plain materials.

3D printing may offer some new forms and list will continue.

I am not going to ignore you completely, just most of what
you say is not worth reading or thinking on. You are a hateful
person who does not like himself and for this I will hope that
better days will come for you.

Show some respect and you will command respect, this is how
it works. If your father had raised you instead of your mother
you would know this. You are a perfect example of emotional
conflict and feel it is your RIGHT to attack all of those whom
you do not care about.

This is very sad, not just for us but for you.

I had originally questioned I AM NUTS about why he pointed
out this figure and I am not surprised YOU chimed in when he
Talks because you did that before. It is my belief that you are TOO>

I will answer you to correct your poor manners but how can you
expect others to, seeing your constant barrage of bologna and answer
you? Nobody likes that.

Yeah I get it look at this motor Class is not out yet.

HTS Coils - Custom Products - HTS-110 Ltd.


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