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Proof that scalar waves do not break the speed of light!

Dear Sir,

About your claim that scalar waves travel faster than speed of light in a vacuum.
I can prove you they are not.

Actually scalar waves are nothing more or less than Hertzian waves travelling most of the time rather through capacitive loads along they path instead of inductive, by the means of dielectric fields (like the electric field we have on the dielectric between the plates of a capacitor) with the electric field vector pointing at the same direction of that of the propagation path.

So, let's start.

In one your 1989 experiments on youtube you explain that the scalar wave on the secondary of a Tesla coil does not travel along the length of the secondary coil wire but perpendicularly to the coil winding in upwards direction towards the sphere using a loose spiral motion due to the dielectric properties of the coil. (watch from 12:45 to 14:32)

Thus λ is not more a constant as you assume in the Tesla coil and therefore scalar wave speed can not be faster than light in a vacuum.

If that is so then i proof (look at pdf) that scalar waves in a Tesla coil are not superluminal as suggested, although faster than transverse EM waves, not because faster than light travel speed but cause the shorter distance (shortcut) they travel to reach their destination meaning scalar waves travel always in a shorter path than the transversal ones thus faster and not due to superluminal speed which actually can not exceed the speed of light in a vacuum.

Take please a moment to study my proof (look at pdf) and inform me if i'm wrong.


Thank You,

Emmanuil Markoulakis
Crete, Greece.

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