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It is also important to note that the direct drive wind turbine
axial motor/generators not only use advanced core materials
but use the G2 HTS Motor WIre.

Here is the beginning for required reading to get started
with any practical application.

For those of you who have followed Thane Heins know that
in at least one of his presentations Thane used a technician
for a demonstration to show a corporation some progress.

In the video the operator had some powerful heating of
the REGENX coils. The wire coils are made from HTS A.K.A.
HIGH TEMP SUPERCONDUCTOR materials. During this episode
a wide range of functions were shown, such as regen/braking
and other configurations for that review.

HIGH TEMP wire that is a SUPERCONDUCTING material has
been offered in the past in the from of copper wire plated
with silver then a teflon coating.

Other forms that are less expensive have emerged.

Look back in the record in Thanes videos and you will
see his coils were wound with teflon insulated wire.

Thane has not come out and written all of the details
on anyone persons forehead thereby given away years
of work in a single expose, instead has sprinkled many
bread crumbs for those of us who follow in his foot steps.

Many other variations exist on out into infinity but unless
a single experiment can be thoroughly researched/ properly
following direction all of the other unlimited possibilities
will probably not be realized either.




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