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From the picture of the JB's "possible" Lockridge you gave, I have some remarks :
- First, we're sure that THIS device... never worked as a Lockridge Device it was a failed attempt, dumped at JB by the eentually harassed people, after they've been scratching their heads for long before this).
- Secondly, if we think of a U magnet, we know that its poles are at the edge of each leg, with a parallel gap between the legs and their "bloch wall" on the rounded base of the u, right ?

Can we then say consequently that the two openings on the case sides could figure a similar configuration ? If yes, the electro magnets pairs may not be constituted what we're thinking the pairs are...

Follow me : on your picture, what if the brushes pairs 1-2 and 3-4 correspond to the field coils sequence : B-D / A-C ? Can you see the case openings between each stator coil pair as expressed here ? The "round base bloch wall zone" of the u magnet could then be figured by the cases' extremities ?

On another hand : you assumed that the rotor wiring was universal. If yes, you mean all of it's coils are globally "shunted" (the whole armature wiring is one thread, with the ending terminal joining back the starting terminal, like in the universal dc motors) ?

My proposal is that the rotor coils are independant pairs, not connected with the others, with only 2 terminals : input AND output. Since I suspect the series of the Siemens device (generator) is going to feed the motor part, there certainly the transformer action that I've previously here described above as "irrelevant, just for the record" !!! I might have been wrong in such statement... But I have further tests to conduct now about it (with my 3 posts star wind motor, that I need to make again first, in order to validate some data that I'm hoping to find, now that I think I know what to look for. Unfortunately, this test will have real magnets, instead of electro-magnets. And as I have only a 3 poles rotor inside the two magnets stator, the two magnets will have to be the same polarity N-N or S-S... with a battery. But the voltmeter will be handy for what I'm looking for...).

But if that shows encouraging, it might be that we would possibly have the stator poles pairs made of a 2 field coils being the sames in each pair (S-S and N-N)... I have to go testing now.

[** I have an idea that some unbalance must exist and alternate..... ** A BIG and small field coils in pair for each 2 pairs is maybe relevant here !!! **]

For a simulation : I checked and doubt that the applet you're advising me can allow a motor schematic... Will see, or figure out something else maybe.

I'll keep here posted.
M.E. Who else ?...

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