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Eric Dollard Live Forum

Eric Dollard Live Forum:
A question for Eric:
What would be the best application for your 2C22 'Regenerative Magnifying Receiver' (RMR) to be used for - picture attached?
Was this intended as a receiver for the 'Crystal Set Initiative' (CSI) and how was it to be applied and over what distance as an example?
What was the input required or was it just the Telluric Radio Station signal that was to be detected/received?

I also built your 6SN7GT CRI/CSI (Crystal Radio Initiative) Triode Driver.
This has lead to the building of 4 x 6BQ7 amplifier/drivers for use with an Implosion project I am currently working on.
NO solid state allowed.

I am attempting to get back to all of this but have too many projects currently in the build state.
By the way the Lester Hendershot device did NOT work but have intuitions that may help in resurrecting this device when time permits.

My CSI is still working as is the Cosmic Ray Detector (CRD) and have attached some pictures for reference.


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