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Live call with Eric

That's great LeeBob!

If you have any questions for Eric, we have a live call tomorrow:
This coming Sunday the 27th at 11AM Pacific Daylight Savings Time, we will be having a LIVE Q & A call with Eric Dollard.
Conference Dial-in: 1-857-232-0155 and Conference Code: 582590 It will be recorded in case you cannot make the call.

Originally Posted by LeeBob84 View Post
I have been working on a large coil for the crystal radio initiative. This is a few pics of it
Attachment 16937

Attachment 16938

Frequency : 800khz
Coil diameter:4'10"
Number of turns: 18
Wire length : 247'
Coil height:14.4"
Wire diameter : 0.5"

I made a hemisphere from copper pipe, with a 16 point aluminum star as my top load. All that is left is to bury my 4 a/c radiators as my ground, wrap a 12" by 2 turn secondary coil on the bottom and build my resonant capacitor. Hopefully I can tune it up to receive some usable energy. U can follow me ,
Aaron Murakami

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