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Originally Posted by mbrownn View Post
I wont give you it all in one post, it would be very hard to take in, but try to imagine this.

Imagine the coils on the stator as transformer coils, two of them set at 180 degrees, and the armature act as the primary of the transformer. The other two coils have many more turns and are the secondary. Now if we put AC or Pulsed DC into the primary windings, We get AC in the secondary windings. This is one of our outputs. The motor turning is a second output. Then as a result of the armature sweeping at least one of the secondary coils we have a conventional generated DC output which is a third output for one input.

Increasing the current in the armature and primary field coils, Increases the transformer action and induced current in the secondaries, this also increases the torque and the generated current.

Does this make sense to you?
No showing everything in just one post would take too much space.

What about some simple picture's or better yet a YouTube video of this transformer action.

A picture speaks a thousand words.....
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