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Originally Posted by marseye View Post
Hi mbrownn,

I have been away from this forum for a long time... Could you please post a link to what you have proposed and tested, just for reference, or through pm?

@ all : everything I have reported here are my latest findings, just for info. I think this is all complementary to John Bedini's explanations (except for the comment about the trifiler coil, which was just an instant thought of mines).

I'm just hoping (like everyone here thinking that it can happen) that we can find this holy grail soonner or later.

I cant point to any single thread where I have put everything I know, Obviously if you search my posts on this forum you will find a lot. Earlier posts are different from the later ones so you can see how my ideas have evolved over time. Take a look at my posts here Lockridge Device - Peter Lindemann The DC operation of the machine is here Interesting Motor You may find this easier to understand the generating concept but it does not cover the transformer actions that are going on. In this thread we have more, again my latest posts are the latest ideas of how it works and I no longer believe it works like i said in the early posts. Imhotep's Lab Interactive FAQ - View topic - The lockridge device

I do not believe it works how John Bedini or Peter lindemann describes it but it appears just like the device John and Peter have shown

I am happy to share all I know.

It is not a motor but a self exciting generator that produces torque as a byproduct. It can run on AC or DC with a variety of armature windings. It can be modified into a self pulsing DC device with the use of other armature windings.

AC and DC outputs are found in the same output winding which causes some difficulties.

At the moment it does not self run, It does not have the Trifilar coil fitted, nor a capacitor. Its a work in progress.
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