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Many types

Originally Posted by marseye View Post
And about the tri-fillar coils, Peter Lindemann had thought of an impedance matching system.

But what if it was in fact a two-fillar coils, one being center tapped ? Quite a radiant transformer, maybe... We must keep in mind that this was a (burst) dc generator, which was common in these times. But if there was current growing, sparks (or so) could occur, right ?

Just my 2 cents again.
Nice picture and translation. I guess.

The tri-filar coil was wrapped onto same spool as the capacitor. My experiments (many) with a size that fits over the Lockridge housing. I believe this is the power source of the machine. I built exactly as John Bedini discussed on the video. But didn't use copper for the capacitor. Instead for fund reasons used aluminum duct tape 4" wide with wax paper.
Sad but not surprised, the capacitor would not hold much voltage or be influenced by the surrounding tri-filar coil.
The motor/generator did produce voltage but the coil capacitor would not build up or hold enough amperage to turn the motor.

Funds, knowledge base, shop machinery, and time all slowed that project to a stop.

But it really was great to learn and experience from that project.
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